Whether you’re seeking to host a sit-down dinner, buffet lunch, cocktail reception, or Shabbat kiddush, our top professional caterers will do the job with perfection and style.


We offer you the choice of Jerusalem’s finest caterers, both meat and dairy, with a full range of hashgacha including rabbanut, mehadrin and glatt. Oren and his staff with work closely with you to select the perfect menu of your choice.


At Oranim, it’s always delicious. Always a pleasure.

Ufruf/Shabbat Chatan

Let us host your Ufruf Shabbos or Shabbat Chatan. Our kitchen is fully-equipped for serving Shabbos meals in accordance with strict halachic guidelines. We can also help you arrange for davening and aliyahs at local shuls.

Business Meetings/Conference

From an important business meeting to a wine-tasting fundraiser for a cause you care about, Oranim is the address for the ease, location, and presentation you desire. Let us host your business meetings, conferences of up to 150 attendees, product launches, premiers, fundraising galas and dinners, desert receptions, wine-tastings, and more.


Family Events

Mazal Tov! We are the ideal place for both intimate and larger gatherings of all kinds – bar/bat mitzvahs, l’chaim and engagement parties, milestone birthdays, brises, sheva brachos, and Shabbos kiddushes.

Sheva brachos

"... אשר ברא ששון ושמחה, חתן וכלה..."

(ירמיה לג' יא')



"יאמר ה' אליהם לא טוב היות האדם לבדו"

(בראשית ב' יח')

Engagement parties

"הרי את מקודשת לי בטבעת זו, כדת משה וישראל"

(קידושין ה' עב')


Bar mitzva

"בן חמש למקרא, בן עשר למשנה, בן שלוש-עשרה למצוות"

(אבות ה' כא')


Brit milah

"זה הכיסא של אליהו הנביא זכור לטוב לישועתך קיויתי ה'"

(בראשית מט' יח')